How to fit your new sticker

All our vinyl's are printed in house and have a 5 year outdoor durability, to ensure the durability apply to a warm, dry window, free from product, Heat Gun Advised.

  1. Clean area the sticker is to be applied too with washing up liquid (this ensures there is no product on the surface to prevent the sticker sticking or coming away prematurely).
  2. Place the sticker in position to check it fits the area and get reference points to ensure it’s central and level where required.
  3. Starting from a corner slowly remove the white backing paper ensuring the sticker is attached to the clear application tape.
  4. Apply to your prepared surface by holding the sticker each side by the clear application tape and pulling tight as you lower onto surface, remember to take your time as you only have one shot at this part. Once it touches the surface it’s stuck you can’t peel off to retry!
  5. Once stuck gently rub over the top of the sticker to ensure there’s no bubbles and all edges are stuck well, then finally remove application tape by peeling a corner back and slowly gliding it away making sure it doesn’t lift the sticker away.