How to fit your new sunstrip

You will need -

2 People, 1 Sharp Knife, 1 Squeegy

Do not apply in extremes of temperature...

Direct sunshine causes vinyl to gets softer meaning its easier to tear and ruin when it is hot!

1. Thoroughly clean the screen to remove all dirt, grit and grease (do not use a wax based product, as we want to remove the wax)

2. Measure down from each side at the top of the screen and apply masking tape, to mark the same length at each side of the windscreen. This will help ensure the strip is straight

3. Get your self a spray bottle of soapy water, spray plenty on the screen (this will make it easier to fit)

4. Remove backing paper from the sunstrip & apply to screen leaving the excess at the sides. The soapy water will allow movement of the strip to ensure it's placed centrally, squeegy out excess water and air bubbles from under the strip.

5. Trim off excess vinyl with a sharp knife.

6. Fit your sticker overlay (please see our sticker fitting guide if unsure)

7. Once fitted leave it to totally dry before driving off - if it isn't dry it isn't sticky (which allowed you to move it around), if it isn't sticky it will not last.